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Get hired with the brazen master merchant Buyuk Hilgerkek to boldly enterprise into the darkness of the underdark in quest of the Evening Hunters. Pick out your alligiance while in the dealings of two mysterious and opposing factions.

A younger boy accidentally joins a band of your time travelling dwarves, since they soar from period to era trying to find treasure to steal.

This episode is placed in the kingdom of Kelerak in Farland. The plot will involve the heroes currently being asked by the crooked mayor of Titan to fend off some Wyvern assaults; he suspects a villager is masterminding the attacks.

A ruined continue to keep overlooks a murky lake in the monster-infested wilderness of the Significant Moor. Right here a daring youthful service provider prince attempted to carve out a kingdom for himself Practically a century ago. It had been a doomed endeavor from the start.

Deep in the Faerun wilderness lies the remains of the fallen god. A the moment-good statue of Helm, toppled on its aspect and overrun by vicious beats. Can the adventurers locate the sacred place and travel from the beasts? Can they restore a hallowed shrine to its former glory?

In the village of Elventree, near the oppressive city of Hillsfar, a new string of Weird occurrences has the locals on edge. The factions have collected right here around the borders from the forest of Cormanthor to ascertain what’s taking place. Is this the machinations of Hillsfar, or something extra?

This journey turns the lacking participant's character into a prisoner inside of a desert temple ruled by a younger lamia. The remainder of your bash will probably be despatched with a rescue mission to find the missing player's character back again from your lamia’s claws!

* In Absolution the PCs go after a desired prison to your village in which Anyone can click for more find forgiveness, for the rate.

The caravans are late and no person has listened to from Pugizmal’s oasis waystation in days. Can the adventurers dig into the issue and exterminate the threat?

by domino1003 (Usa) – See all my assessments The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is one of those films that you both like or loathe. You may despise it since the interior child in you hasn't been launched. You could possibly love it as the inner baby in you've got comprehensive reign and need a fantastic fairy tale. This film has all the elements, flying ships (A balloon made from females knickers), monsters (A huge whale that looks like an island), and a little bit Woman observing every one of the fantastical adventures. A town is under siege and also a theater troupe is attempting to complete a play during all this. In comes an elderly gentleman (The wonderful John Neville)who statements that the troupe has it all Improper and that he, himself, is the true Baron and wants to tell the story straight.

The Village of Mal-Parrinn is usually a bustling trade city where by nothing ever takes place, till one of several citizens opens a small portal to your Hells and lets some thing Terrible via.

A little experience to your group, do not forget you might often edit it to fit your team or dm model. the image is of Nandell my own tiny island. any issues or comments fell cost-free. This continues to be developed for three PCs which have been Lvl 2 to seven

This 3 hour experience is prepared for 3rd-4th level people and might suit into any setting throughout a long extend of journey. Involves two new creatures and character illustrations as well as a completely colored map.

The adventurers are questioned to search for a local temple official who's got not returned just after leaving to search for a hidden treasure vault.

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